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Last Update : 1/29/2022

If you are going to use the airline alternative for your Istanbul journey, you may need help on how to take a taxi from Istanbul Airport, what to pay attention to and how much the taxi fares are. You can find answers to all your questions by reviewing our comprehensive Istanbul Airport taxi guide , which includes such questions and more .

How to Take a Taxi at Istanbul Airport?

The official stops of airport taxis are located on the Departures Floor and the Other Arrivals Floor at Istanbul Airport. The taxis of these stops wait to pick up passengers at both the Domestic and International Arrival Areas. If you have not made a reservation for a taxi before, you can take a taxi from these points. If you have a reservation for Istanbul Airport taxi service -2. You can take your taxi from the floor. In addition, taxis are available 24/7 at the airport.

Istanbul Airport Taxi Types

At the points mentioned above, you will encounter three different types of Istanbul Airport taxis . If you do not have or have little luggage, if you are one or two people, you can prefer orange-colored C-type taxis, which consist of small vehicles such as Clio. This type of taxi can be ideal for those who are looking for an economical alternative and those who have a short route. If you need a slightly larger and more comfortable vehicle, you should take the blue D-class taxis. If the journey from the airport to the hotel or home is long and you are looking for a more comfortable and high-end vehicle, you can use E type, black colored luxury taxis.

What Should Be Considered When Taking a Taxi?

When taking a taxi from Istanbul Airport, you should definitely use registered taxis and be careful against pirate taxis. Taxis affiliated to the Istanbul Airport Taxi Cooperative charge according to the tariffs determined by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in advance. Since pirate taxis are independent of such an agreement, you may encounter unexpected fees at the end of the journey.

To distinguish pirate taxis from registered (commercial) taxis, note the following:

1.       When you get into the pirate taxi, you may notice that the driver does not turn on the meter or that there is no meter in the vehicle.

2.       They may be picking up passengers at a point separate from the predetermined areas where airport taxis are waiting.

3.       Inspect the license plate of the taxi you are on for a seal. The license plate of pirate taxis is copied from a registered taxi, but these license plates may not have a seal.

4.       Some pirate taxis have private license plates instead of commercial license plates. You can easily distinguish such taxis by not having the letter 'T' on their license plates.

5.       License plates are also written on the doors and ceilings of commercial taxis, you may not see these details in pirate taxis.

In addition to the risk of taking a pirate taxi, it may be a good choice to examine your route beforehand. Especially if you are unfamiliar with Istanbul or going to a region you have not been to before, you can search for how many minutes/hours you will go to your destination with the help of the navigation application on your smartphone before taking a taxi. When you take a taxi, we recommend that you keep the navigation application open and follow your route instantly. You can also get help from sites or applications that calculate taxi tariffs instead of navigation in route calculation.

It is a better option to use a taximeter instead of bargaining with taxis. Especially if this offer comes from the taxi driver, he should be skeptical of the said fare, and the possibility that the driver offers more than the fare that will be written on the taximeter should be considered.

Is a Reservation Necessary for a Taxi?

It is not a necessity to make a reservation for Istanbul Airport taxi use. However, if you do not want to wait in line for a taxi at the airport, we recommend that you make a reservation if you need to take a taxi as soon as you get off.

There are also the following advantages of booking a taxi:

1.       You can take precautions by making a taxi reservation to avoid the risk of taking a pirate taxi from the airport and to avoid situations such as the taxi driver not turning on the meter and asking for excessive fees.

2.       The Istanbul Airport taxi you have booked awaits you even if your flight is delayed. There is no extra charge for waiting time on delayed flights.


How to Make Taxi Payment?

As in Turkey, most airport taxis do not have a POS device. For this reason, we recommend that you carry cash with you for Istanbul Airport taxi payment in order not to be in a difficult situation at the end of the journey . You can make your payment in TL, Euro or Dollar.

Is there always a taxi at the stop, is it necessary to wait for a taxi?

At the airport, taxis line up at the gates, especially during flight landing times. You can find a taxi in front of the door during these hours. But do not forget that all passengers like you need a taxi at the same time and it will be crowded. If you are behind in the taxi line, you may have to wait for a taxi for a while due to the intensity. To reduce the possibility of waiting for a taxi at the airport to zero, you can book a taxi and have the vehicle wait for you.

Taxi Schedule 2022

All Istanbul Airport taxi vehicles charge in accordance with the taximeter tariff announced by UKOME (IMM Transportation Coordination Directorate). However, different fees are paid for taxis serving in different classes. You have to pay 15% more for blue D segment taxis compared to orange taxis. Black E type taxis charge 70% more than classic orange taxis.

Below you can see the opening fees according to taxi classes and the fee charged per TL/KM:

·         Orange taxis: Opening fee – 7.00 TL / Distance tariff – 4.50 TL/KM

·         Blue/Turquoise taxis: Opening fee – 8.05 TL/ Distance tariff – 5.18 TL/KM

·         Black taxis: Opening fee - 11, 90 TL / Distance tariff - 7, 65 TL / KM

Note:  In cases where it is necessary to cross the Eurasia Tunnel, 15 July Martyrs Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, the bridge toll is charged to the customer.

You can reach certain points of the city with Istanbul Airport taxi services by paying the following fees:

·         Aksaray: Orange taxis - 230 TL / Blue taxis - 270 TL / Black taxis - 400 TL

·         Bakırköy: Orange taxis - 250 TL / Blue taxis - 300 TL / Black taxis - 450 TL

·         Beşiktaş: Orange taxis - 220 TL / Blue taxis - 260 TL / Black taxis - 400 TL

·         Beylikdüzü: Orange taxis - 310 TL / Blue taxis - 360 TL / Black taxis - 540 TL

·         Etiler: Orange taxis - 220 TL / Blue taxis - 260 TL / Black taxis - 370 TL

·         Kadıköy: Orange taxis - 275 TL / Blue taxis - 360 TL / Black taxis - 530 TL

·         Levent: Orange taxis - 200 TL / Blue taxis - 230 TL / Black taxis - 330 TL

·         Maslak: Orange taxis - 200 TL / Blue taxis - 230 TL / Black taxis - 320 TL

·         Bus Station: Orange taxis - 220 TL / Blue taxis - 260 TL / Black taxis - 360 TL

·         Sabiha Gökçen Airport: Orange taxis - 390 TL / Blue taxis - 450 TL / Black taxis - 650 TL

·         Şişli-Mecidiyeköy: Orange taxis - 220 TL / Blue taxis - 260 TL / Black taxis - 360 TL

·         Sultanahmet-Sirkeci: Orange taxis - 250 TL / Blue taxis - 300 TL / Black taxis - 420 TL

·         Taksim: Orange taxis - 220 TL / Blue taxis - 260 TL / Black taxis - 350 TL

·         Tarabya: Orange taxis - 220 TL / Blue taxis - 260 TL / Black taxis - 350 TL

·         Tuzla: Orange taxis - 430 TL / Blue taxis - 500 TL / Black taxis - 740 TL

·         Yesilkoy: Orange taxis - 270 TL / Blue taxis - 320 TL / Black taxis - 530 TL

You can calculate taxi prices by our taxi fare application Istanbul Taxi Fare Calculator.

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