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Last Update : 5/6/2020

One method of adding flavor to the breath we receive is hookah. We first chose to make the subject more aromatic by talking about the history of this aroma. After equipping ourselves with theoretical knowledge, we will be ready to add culture to our culture in Istanbul hookahs. Let's get to know more about the hookah, which comes from the Arabic word 'Shisa', the Iranians say 'Kalyan', which means 'coconut' in Persian.
The whole story began before Christ, when people who burned tobacco leaves for worship became aware of the pleasure it gave. He diversified tobacco with cigars, pipes, cigarettes and hookahs. The Indians who burned their leaves by inserting reeds into the coconut developed this pleasure even more. They made the body of the hookah from pumpkin, turned it into porcelain, silver, and it took years to get the final glass.The hookah consists of 4 parts.Ser, Nozzle, Marpu & ccedil;, Bottle.Apart from these, there are sips, tray - spoiler and tumbler.
Let's come to the adventure of hookah to meet Istanbul in the period from the past to the present day Istanbul hookahs. The hookah's Istanbul adventure started in 1601 through Iranians. Although it was banned at first, its place has gradually become Tophane district. Nowadays hookah has become an important pleasure. I would like to say that spending time in Istanbul hookahs with 40 kinds of tobacco flavors has become an Istanbul culture again. Places where hookah lovers who were in Istanbul or who came to Istanbul in 2000s will go to have a hookah in Istanbul were very limited. It was to go to Tophane district or Corlulu Ali Pasha Madrasa in Cemberlitas. There was no variety. Nowadays, hookah can be found almost every place. Of course, as it multiplies, it moves away from quality and originality. But there are some places that continue the past culture. Let's take a look at the Istanbul hookah venues.



It is a place whose concept has great success hookahs. You may also have trouble finding an empty table.

Address: Hamidiye, Barış Yolu Cd. No: 4 D: E, 34782 Dudullu Osb / Cekmekoy / Istanbul


If your priority is taste, if the design of the place does not affect you very much, you are at the right address. It is shown as one of the best places in Istanbul to drink red apples. Nakla peach and mint are among the successful tastes to be tried.
Address: Caferağa Mah., Bükcı Emin Bey Sok. 5 / A, 34710 Kadıkoy / istanbul


Another venue recommendation that can be given as flavor is priority.The right address for those looking for an outdoor alternative.It is put into service from the hands of the old hookah master of Istanbul.
Address: Kosuyolu Mahallesi, Asma Dalı Sokak, No 37, Kadik & ouml; y, Istanbul


One of the most crowded places in Istanbul. Finding a empty table can be quite difficult.nakhla apple tobacco should definitely be tried.Turkish coffee is also delicious. It is worth trying.
Address: Mollafenari, Ç orlulu Ali Paşa Madrasa, Yeniceriler Cd. No: 36 D: 28, 34120 Fatih / istanbul


One of the best places in Istanbul.It is a place whose customers are generally known.He cannot give up on this place.
Address: Caferağa, Moda Bostanı Sk.No: 30 / A, 34710 Kadıkoy /

Istanbul L & Ouml; SITE

A friendly place. It is a place especially preferred by those who want to enjoy a match with the hookah.As it will be evident in the design, it is in the construction air.
Address: Cibali mah kadirhas cad no: 9 balat fatih istanbul, 34083 Fatih / Istanbul


It can be considered as the best choice for watching Istanbul. It is a preferred place with hookah pleasure.
Address: B & uuml; y & uuml; k & Ccedil; amlıca Yolu No: 38 & Camlica / ISTANBUL


It is a quality place for those who are looking for scenery, hookah and smiling.
Address: P & uuml; rtelaş Hasan Efendi, Mahallesi, Meclis - i Mebusan Cd.No: 61, 34427 Fındıklı / Beyoğlu / Istanbul


A place with a garden.Foods that are not only shisha are excellent, a place where you can spend hours with your friends.
RUBAS HOOKAH CAFEIt is a very nice place with three floors.You can watch Backgammon, hookah, paper games, okey and mac as well as the taste of hookah.They are also very successful at breakfast. Live music is available.
Address: Barbaros Mahallesi, Halk Caddesi, No 226, Ataşehir, Istanbul


It is a place with great hookah.Service is successful, tastes are amazing, drinks are successful. Breakfast is amazing.
Address: Kosuyolu, Salih Omurtak Sk.no: 97, 34718 Kadıkoy / Istanbul


A quality venue with great views, with reasonable prices.
Address: Mimar Sinan, Doğancılar Cd.no: 14, 34660 & Uskudar / Istanbul

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