About Us

We are a group of people come together aiming to be able to answer all questions (particularly the ones regarding safety) about Turkey.
’Is the transportation is made with camels in Turkey?’, ‘Do women can go out alone, without a man?’ We have been faced with such questions over the years. Turkey's location near Arabian Peninsula and the vast majority of the populations’ being Muslim makes these questions to be understood. But time passes quickly. People know better the globalized structure of Turkey and the Turkish people in the world nowadays. As a result of increasing safety and security concern in the world, the shape of the questions has changed. We are here to answer all your questions about Turkey,especially the ones regarding safety.
Our goal is, with your valuable contribution, to give information about all the safety issues in Turkey and to create an environment to allow the information and opinions to be exchanged.
In order us to improve our website in this direction, we expect you to send all your questions you have in mind and your comments to [email protected].