Istanbul Taxi Fare Calculator - Taxi Cost Estimation with Map

You can calculate the taxi fare by marking the start and end points on the map. Dont you know the location of your destination on the map? Do not worry, you can also search by typing the start and end locations in the search boxes under the map.

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How do we calculate taxi fare in Istanbul?

We use the Istanbul taxi tariff determined by UKOME to estimate the Istanbul taxi fare. You can find the details of the Istanbul taxi tariff used in the table below.

Base Fee Price Per Km Minimum Total
24.55 TL 17.61 TL 90 TL

Istanbul Taxi Calculation Method and Recommendations

  • While designing the Istanbul Taxi Calculation application, we assumed that the taxi will use the shortest route between the two points in Istanbul; We calculate the Istanbul taxi fare with this assumption. However, this is not always the case during taxi travel in Istanbul. In order to go faster, get stuck in less traffic or get more money, the taxi may go off the route we estimate. You should be careful in such situations to avoid giving more money. You can overcome such problems by bargaining over the estimated Istanbul taxi fare that appears on our site as soon as you get in the taxi.
  • As in all money exchanges, you need to do the taxi calculation well in the taxi. Without realizing it, you may pay too much money or get a missing change as a result of the taxi driver's miscalculation. You can avoid such problems by using our taxi calculation tool.
  • If the taxi driver realizes that you do not know Istanbul, you can be taken to your destination by the taxi driver on a very long road. There are two things to prevent this situation in a taxi in Istanbul; the moral of the taxi driver (unfortunately there are too many taxi drivers in Istanbul without ethical value) and the digital possibilities at your disposal. Unlike many European countries, in Turkey cabbies do not use navigation. Therefore, the digital facilities you have may be the only way to avoid being defrauded. We designed our Istanbul Taxi Calculation application to solve this problem.
  • One of the most important points you should pay attention to when calculating a taxi in Istanbul is to be clear about your destination. If you tell the taxi driver that you want to go to the 'closest' restaurant in Istanbul, you will probably be taken to a restaurant much further away, not to the nearest restaurant. For this reason, before calling a taxi, it will be useful to mark the place you want to go on the map and find out roughly how much it will cost by using our taxi calculation application.
  • In Istanbul, taxis are usually connected to a taxi stand. However, the fact that it is attached to the taxi stand does not lead to an administrative sanction. Even if you complain to the taxi stand when you have a problem, you will not get much results except for exceptions.
  • One of the fewer problems when using a taxi in Istanbul is to use digital platforms. You can call a taxi in Istanbul through 2 platforms named İtaksi and Bitaksi. Due to the scoring system, when you call a taxi through the app, you are much more likely to encounter a driver who is more respectful of the rules and you.
  • Taxi drivers do not like short-distance travels in Istanbul. The taxi driver may not want to take passengers in Istanbul in a short distance. Although it is prohibited, it may ask you to get off the taxi when you request short distance travel. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done about this. If you get off the taxi in Istanbul due to the short distance, the most logical thing to do is to find a new taxi without the hassle of complaining. If you want to deal with, you can create a complaint record on the IMM white table.
  • When you take a taxi in Istanbul, give the money counting to avoid fraud. Take the change by counting carefully. There can be too many fraud incidents during money exchange. To prevent this, use a credit card if the taxi you take is suitable to pay by credit card.
  • In Istanbul taxis, drivers may prefer to open the windows instead of turning on the air conditioner to save fuel. If you are uncomfortable, you can warn the taxi driver to turn on the air conditioner.
  • Unfortunately, some taxi drivers may want to smoke while driving. If you are uncomfortable, warn you, you will not get a result, tell the white table that you will complain.
  • You may not be able to get the full amount of the money you give while getting off the taxi in Istanbul, the taxi driver may say that he has no coins. In this case, you can exchange the money somewhere and request the change.

1. Getting the Route in Istanbul

After you enter the start and end address in Istanbul, our system calculates the best possible distance for the taxi ride. We use the latest maps from Mapbox to create your route in Istanbul. You can calculate the estimated taxi fare in Istanbul, you can learn how much money to pay with our Istanbul Taxi Fare Calculator before taking a taxi in Istanbul, you can be protected from taxi fraud. Click our article 'Is it safe to take taxi in Turkey' for more information.

2. Calculating the taxi fare in Istanbul

The data taken from Mapbox is used in the calculation of taxi fare within Istanbul. Our system calculates the estimated cost and converts it to $ and € using live $/TL and €/TL rates. Whenever you need to calculate the taxi fare in Istanbul, you can use our application to see the result. For the calculation, the tariff formed in line with the decision taken by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) is used.