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How do we calculate taxi fare in Istanbul?

We use Istanbul's current taxi tariff of 2019 to make a forecast about the expected taxi price in Istanbul. You can find all the details in the table below.

Taxi Rate Istanbul Base fee Price per km Waiting per hour Minimum Total
C Segment Taxi Car(Most Common) 4 TL 2.5TL 23.1TL 10TL
D Segment Taxi Car(Rare) 4.6 TL 2.88TL 26.57TL 11.5TL

1. Getting the route in Istanbul

After you enter the start and end address in Istanbul, our system calculates the best possible distance for the taxi ride. We use the latest maps from Mapbox to create your route in Istanbul. You can calculate the estimated taxi fare in Istanbul, you can learn how much money to pay with our Istanbul Taxi Fare Calculator before taking a taxi in Istanbul, you can be protected from taxi fraud. Click our article 'Is it safe to take taxi in Turkey' for more information.

2. Calculating the taxi fare in Istanbul

The data taken from Mapbox is used in the calculation of taxi fare within Istanbul. Our system calculates the estimated cost and converts it to $ and € using live $/TL and €/TL rates. Whenever you need to calculate the taxi fare in Istanbul, you can use our application to see the result.