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Last Update : 3/5/2019

If you plan to stay for a while in Turkey, one of the important issues you need to know about is supermarkets and grocery stores. While walking down the street in Turkey, you will see so many markets and grocery stores on the way. In this article, we will give information about MIGROS supermarkets.
Web Site of MIGROS Supermarketshttps://www.migros kurumsal.com/en/
Owner of MIGROS SupermarketsThe main share of MIGROS markets belongs to the YAZICILAR HOLDING. The remaining shares are owned by various food and investment companies. Shares are also open to Turkish stock market (BIST).
Working Model of MIGROS SupermarketsMigros is a supermarket serving the high-end customers in Turkey. It carries out its operations with the aim of being in high quality rather than being cheap. When compared to Turkey's most popular discount supermarkets (A101, BIM, SOK), MIGROS is generally more expensive. On the other hand, there are better quality products at MIGROS. For example, organic products are not sold in hard-discount markets, while many organic products are sold in MIGROS. Unlike discount markets, MIGROS usually serves in large supermarkets with a large number of employees.
History and Today of MIGROS SupermarketsIn 1954, Istanbul Municipality decided to establish an organization similar to Switzerland Migros in Turkey. Migros started selling with mobile sales trucks. Migros introduced the first hygienic packaging, first label and shelf life applications to Turkish consumers for the first time. In 1975, Koc Holding one of the Turkey's most important group, took over the majority shares of Migros. In 2018, MIGROS serves with approximately 2000 stores.
MIGROS Online ShoppingMigros is the owner of the first online supermarket in Turkey. https://sanalmarket.com Every product sold in the market is also sold in the online store. By selecting the delivery time, you can ensure that Migros employees leave the products you buy online to your home. You can also check the prices of the products in the Migros online store. For legal reasons, there is no sale of alcoholic beverages at Migros internet store. In general, the sale of alcoholic beverages on internet is prohibited by law in Turkey.
Alcoholic Beverages in MIGROS SupermarketsMany types of alcoholic drinks can be found in MIGROS Supermarkets.
What is sold at MIGROS Supermarkets?MIGROS serves its customers on various categories such as cosmetics, glassware, electronics, books and textiles as well as food and cleaning products.
Notes about MIGROS SupermarketsMigros uses M letters to categorize its stores. The smallest of the supermarkets (M-JET) is at a discount market size while the largest (5M) is at the size of a shopping mall. The categories and total number of supermarkets are given below.
  • 768 ea. MIGROS M-JET
  • 673 ea. MIGROS M
  • 367 ea. MIGROS MM
  • 133 ea. MIGROS MMM
  • 56 ea. MIGROS 5M

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