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Last Update : 3/16/2019

If you plan to stay for a while in Turkey, one of the important issues you need to know about is supermarkets and grocery stores. While walking down the street in Turkey, you will see so many markets and grocery stores on the way. In this article, we will give information about BIM supermarkets.
Web Site of BIM
Owner of BIM SupermarketsMore than 70% of the shares are open to Turkish stock market (BIST). The remaining shares are owned by various food and investment companies. shareholders
Working Model of BIM SupermarketsWorking with hard-discount model. In order to decrease the costs, it serves with small stores and a small number of staff(usually most of 5 employees per store). About 700 different types of products are sold. In order to reduce the cost, some products are sold on pallets without being removed from the boxes. They sell private label products which have similar quality as the leading branded products.
History and Today of BIM SupermarketsStarted in 1995 with 21 supermarkets. In 2018, it reached over 6000 supermarkets in total. In addition, nearly 400 BIM markets are opened in Morocco. Also in Egypt, there are about 300 BIM markets. 2017 BIM supermarkets total revenue is about 5B$. BIM Supermarkets 2018 total revenue is above 5.5B$ and total profit is above 200M$
BIM Online ShoppingBIM offers no online store, all sales are made by supermarkets all over Turkey. 
Alcoholic Beverages in BIM SupermarketsAlcoholic beverages are not sold at BIM supermarkets.
What is sold at BIM Supermarkets?Variety of food and cleaning supplies are sold. Plus some special products are sold in weekly basis. Most of the products sold are private label products.
Notes about BIM SupermarketsThere are about 700 products that are sold on a continuous basis. Also, there are time-limited offers on some special (10-20) products. These products change every week. It may be snow chain for your car for a week, then a 4k TV curved next week. These products, which are sold with big discounts on weekly BIM catalogue. Current BIM catalogue for Turkey and prices can be found below.

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