Is it safe to work in Turkey?

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Last Update : 7/10/2018

Even if the steps taken to improve the working conditions in accordance with European Union, conditions specific to Turkey industry must be taken into consideration before starting a job in. According to OECD records, Turkey is the fifth country with the highest unemployment among member countries, with about 10% unemployment rate. It is also among the top 5 OECD member countries with a 20% rate of youth unemployment (click for the source).
Therefore, you must first find a good job to work in Turkey before moving there; otherwise it can be difficult to find a good job by passing millions of young and educated unemployed people. In addition, working conditions are much more challenging than European standards. The average weekly working hours is approximately 35 hours in many European countries, on the other hand this may take up to 50 hours in Turkey (click for the source). In addition, as a result of the recent devaluation of Turkish Lira against Euro / Dollar, salaries went below the OECD average. In addition to that, especially in the case of a salary above Turkish average, very high income taxes can be paid by a non-Turkish citizen.
Therefore, the net salary to be taken after all the taxes should be clearly stated before accepting a job in Turkey.
Also there appears minor terrorism threat in Turkey's south-eastern border regions (click for the details). The industry is developed at around Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir so this probably has no effect on an applied job. But still the location should be considered before making the final decision.
Finally, Turkey is not in a good position in terms of work accidents. (click for the details). Thus the risk factors of the job and the company's position in the sector needs to be well assessed.

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