Is there any terrorism threat in Turkey?

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Last Update : 5/10/2019

When it comes to traveling to Turkey, the risk of terrorism should be taken into consideration. Until two years ago, ISIS and PKK organized some terrorist attacks. These attacks were mostly based in Istanbul and Ankara, there were no terrorist incidents in coastal areas.
The latest terrorist attack targeting civilians took place in Istanbul at the end of 2016. After the failed coup attempt in 2016, a state of emergency was declared. As a result of increasing the safety after this incident, there has not been any attack targeting the civilians in the last 3 years; so there was no terrorist activity/risk in popular holiday regions in 2019.
The state of emergency ended in July 2018, when the risk was reduced to normal.
However at Turkey's southeast, where the borders of Iraq and Syria are, terror activities of the PKK are still continuing. A holiday plan is not advised to cover this region. There are no risks in popular holiday cities like Antalya and Bodrum since they are very far from this region.
Before traveling to Turkey, visiting UK's travel advice pages will be useful. (click for the source)

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