DeFacto Clothing Stores in Turkey

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Last Update : 6/26/2019

When it comes to clothes in Turkey, you can see dozens of clothing stores on street and shopping centers. This can be expected since Turkish people like to spend money on clothing. In addition to local clothing stores you see on street, many chain clothing stores also available at shopping centers in Turkey. Defacto is one of the largest clothing chain store in Turkey. How was the defacto brand born? Today, DeFacto has become a clothing giant with 500 stores in 30 different countries of the world. It was only 14 years ago when the company opened its first store in Istanbul in 2005. As a result of their right investments, today DeFacto has become one of Turkey's largest clothing brands. So how did Defacto manage it? In fact, DeFacto has followed a similar path with other clothing giants in Turkey; while keeping pace with fashion, it has become the choice of millions of Turks with its cheap price policy. They have the motto as 'Being a global fashion brand that makes WOW'.
In which countries does DeFacto have stores? DeFacto has stores in 30 different countries listed below: Kazakhstan, Iraq, Egypt, Belarus, Morocco, Tunisia, Kosovo, Albania, Afghanistan, Serbia, Georgia, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Moldova, Oman, Ukraine, Cyprus and Turkey. So what does DeFacto sell? DeFacto sells products in every fashion category that comes to mind. The company serves its customers with sales in the following categories:
  • Women's Fashion
  • Men's Fashion
  • Baby Fashion
  • Accessories
  • Licensed Products
  • Innovative Products
  • Special Collections
  • DeFacto Jeans
  • Cosmetic
Is it really cheap? Yes, DeFacto is really cheap considering its quality. Perhaps more than half of the clothes sold in the store are priced at $10 and under. Considering the diversity, you are unlikely to find a suitable outfit. If it wasn't so, DeFacto couldn't complete 2018 with a revenue of approximately $400 million. With this performance, DeFacto is ranked as 100th company of Turkey in the revenue ranking in 2018. How about Defacto online shopping? Defacto, a very young brand, has easily adapted to change in online shopping. Launching its online store in 2012, DeFacto today has a website with smart technologies and a giant infrastructure where you can shop online with confidence: Defacto Online Store.
Is there anything you should be aware of when shopping at DeFacto stores? The most important issue to keep in mind when shopping at DeFacto is the crowd. If you go to the DeFacto store in a shopping mall in a big city on any Sunday afternoon, you can expect a wait on everywhere; at fitting room, at payment, even for a question to a DeFacto employee. From time to time, the queues of payment reaching up to 20-30 people as the natural result of the interest shown by the Turks to this brand. Therefore, if you do not want to shop with the crowd, you may prefer opening hours in the morning, or weekdays to shop from DeFacto.

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