Is Power Plug Adaptor Needed in Turkey?

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Last Update : 10/28/2018

220 V (amplitude) 50 Hz(frequency) electricity is used in Turkey. As a result of investments made in the Turkish energy sector in recent years, voltage fluctuations are not common. So, you can safely use all of your devices that work at 220V 50 Hz, no surge protection is needed in Turkey. In this sense, lightning may lead to surge that damages your device, but lightning is an uncommon natural event in Turkey. What happens if you plug your device into an outlet with different voltage or frequency? Electronic devices are generally designed to operate at both 50Hz and 60Hz frequency (still some devices may only be designed to operate on a single frequency, always check the voltage and frequency range of the device on the marking or user manual before operating your device in a different country).
The situation for the voltage is slightly different, many devices are designed to operate only at a single voltage range. If a device operating at 100V / 110V voltage is plugged into 220V in Turkey, it will probably be malfunctioning. In addition, there is a risk of explosion according to the nature of the device, so it can be very dangerous. As electronics saying; ‘you cannot make the white fog go into device once it comes out’.
How can you understand if your device will work safely in Turkey outlet power? As mentioned above, the safest way is to read the operating voltage on the device and to check it in the user manual. Click here for the list of countries using 100-110V-120V (source: Wikipedia)
What about plugs in Turkey? European-style round-shaped plugs (Type-F) are used Turkey (please see picture at the top of the page).
Devices from all over Europe are fully compatible with this plug type. However, if you are coming to Turkey from England or USA, your device’s socket will not fit to plug in Turkey. Therefore, you should get an AC plug adapter. It is a valid rule all over the world, socket adapters (generally everything) in the airport are more expensive than regular price. For this reason, you should go to an electronics market before a trip to Turkey to buy an AC plug adapter.
In Turkish plugs, there are metal parts that you can touch with your hand. Is this safe? Exactly! The metal parts you see are for earth connection of the device. It does not have a voltage on it, it is absolutely safe to touch.

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