Kokorec in Turkey : Information and Tips

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Last Update : 11/8/2018

What is kokorec? Kokorec is a food made from sheep's intestine and sheep's internal fat. The mixture is usually cooked in a charcoal fire. The origin of this food goes back to the Greeks. Nowadays it became one of the most famous Turkish fast food.
Is kokorec safe to eat? It depends where you eat. Note that the thing you eat is the intestine, the entire discharge of the animal takes place through this organ. If not cleansed well, eating kokorec can be dangerous due to bacterial contamination. In addition, the traditional kocorec service involves the breaking up into slices of the fire-cooked intestine with knife's knocking melodies on a wooden table (even if you do not eat kokorec, you must experience this environment). If you look closely at this table, you can see that it has been engraved with knife movements over time. Due to the nature of wood, it must be washed very well for use for meat products, bacteria can penetrate into the wood. Cleaning of wood also poses a risk in terms of hygiene.
And finally, intestine can be stored out of refrigerator for a while, you cannot be sure about the freshness. So, it may be better to prefer restaurants that cook Kokorec rather than the ones sold on the street.

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