The Most Popular Technology Stores in Turkey

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Last Update : 5/23/2019

If you plan to stay for a while in Turkey, one of the important issues you need to know about is technology stores in Turkey. While walking down the street in Turkey, you will see so many supermarkets and grocery stores on the way. So, which one should you shop from, which market sells the product you want? Which market is working with discount model, which market serves to high-end customers? Below you can find information of some biggest chain supermarkets in Turkey.

MediaMarkt Technology Stores

In 1979, MediaMarkt opened its first store in Munich. Today, with a total of 14 countries (Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg, Greece, Sweden and Turkey), more than 65,000 employees and more than 1,000 stores, Mediamarkt is number 1 electronics retailer in Europe. When we come to Turkey, MediaMarkt story began with Istanbul Umraniye store in 2007. Today, with 71 stores in 25 cities and over two thousand employees, Mediamarkt welcomes more than 150 million visitors yearly in Turkey.
What does Mediamarkt Turkey sell? From the refrigerator to the coffee machine or from the television to the hard disk, you can find just about everything technological you can think of at MediaMarkt Turkey.
Between which hours are Mediamarkt stores open? It depends on store and city, but generally opening hours of Mediamarkt stores are between 10:00 – 22:00.
What about online shopping of Mediamarkt? You can find all products sold at Mediamarkt stores at Mediamarkt Online Store. You can also find many products that are not physically sold in the store at the online store. Thanks to the discounts (generally made at midnight hours) at the online store, you can buy products at very affordable prices.
You can find Mediamarkt stores on many big cities of Turkey. You can find a complete list of Mediamarkt stores in Turkey below.
Mediamarkt Stores In Turkey
Adana M1 AVM Mediamarkt StoreAdana M1 AVM Mediamarkt Store
Adana Optimum AVM Mediamarkt StoreAdana Optimum AVM Mediamarkt Store
Adana Turgut Özal Mediamarkt StoreAdana Turgut Özal Mediamarkt Store
Ankara Ankamall Mediamarkt StoreAnkara Ankamall Mediamarkt Store
Ankara Antares AVM Mediamarkt StoreAnkara Antares AVM Mediamarkt Store
Ankara Batıkent-Atlantis Mediamarkt StoreAnkara Batıkent-Atlantis Mediamarkt Store
Ankara Forum AVM Mediamarkt StoreAnkara Forum AVM Mediamarkt Store
Ankara Gordion Mediamarkt StoreAnkara Gordion Mediamarkt Store
Ankara Kentpark AVM Mediamarkt StoreAnkara Kentpark AVM Mediamarkt Store
Ankara Kızılay Mediamarkt StoreAnkara Kızılay Mediamarkt Store
Ankara Metromall Mediamarkt StoreAnkara Metromall Mediamarkt Store
Ankara Natavega Mediamarkt StoreAnkara Natavega Mediamarkt Store
Ankara Optimum AVM Mediamarkt StoreAnkara Optimum AVM Mediamarkt Store
Antalya Kipa AVM Mediamarkt StoreAntalya Kipa AVM Mediamarkt Store
Antalya Mall of Antalya Mediamarkt StoreAntalya Mall of Antalya Mediamarkt Store
Antalya Terracity Mediamarkt StoreAntalya Terracity Mediamarkt Store
Aydın Forum AVM Mediamarkt StoreAydın Forum AVM Mediamarkt Store
Balıkesir Altıeylül-10 BURDA AVM Mediamarkt StoreBalıkesir Altıeylül-10 BURDA AVM Mediamarkt Store
Balıkesir Edremit Kipa Mediamarkt StoreBalıkesir Edremit Kipa Mediamarkt Store
Bodrum Midtown Mediamarkt StoreBodrum Midtown Mediamarkt Store
Bursa Anatolium AVM Mediamarkt StoreBursa Anatolium AVM Mediamarkt Store
Bursa Nilpark AVM Mediamarkt StoreBursa Nilpark AVM Mediamarkt Store
Bursa Nilüfer - Carrefoursa Bursa AVM Mediamarkt StoreBursa Nilüfer - Carrefoursa Bursa AVM Mediamarkt Store
Bursa Osmangazi - Korupark AVM Mediamarkt StoreBursa Osmangazi - Korupark AVM Mediamarkt Store
Bursa Özdilek Mediamarkt StoreBursa Özdilek Mediamarkt Store
Çanakkale Kipa Mediamarkt StoreÇanakkale Kipa Mediamarkt Store
Çorlu Kipa Mediamarkt StoreÇorlu Kipa Mediamarkt Store
Çorum AHL Park Mediamarkt StoreÇorum AHL Park Mediamarkt Store
Denizli Teras Park AVM Mediamarkt StoreDenizli Teras Park AVM Mediamarkt Store
Erzurum MNG Mediamarkt StoreErzurum MNG Mediamarkt Store
Eskişehir Espark AVM Mediamarkt StoreEskişehir Espark AVM Mediamarkt Store
Gaziantep Forum AVM Mediamarkt StoreGaziantep Forum AVM Mediamarkt Store
Gaziantep Sankopark Mediamarkt StoreGaziantep Sankopark Mediamarkt Store
İstanbul Ataşehir - Brandium Mediamarkt Storeİstanbul Ataşehir - Brandium Mediamarkt Store
İstanbul Bakırköy Capacity Mediamarkt Storeİstanbul Bakırköy Capacity Mediamarkt Store
İstanbul Bakırköy Marmara Forum AVM Mediamarkt Storeİstanbul Bakırköy Marmara Forum AVM Mediamarkt Store

Vatan Computer Technology Stores

Vatan Computer opened Turkey's first computer store at Ankara-Elmadag in 1983. As of 2019, Vatan Computer have 136 stores in 54 cities, so Vatan Computer is the one of the biggest technology retailers in Turkey. The company has about four thousand employees.
What does Vatan Computer Turkey sell? Similar to MediaMarkt, you can find just about everything technological (household, led tv, computer, cell phones etc) you can think of at Vatan Computer Turkey.
Between which hours are Vatan Computer stores open? Generally opening hours of Vatan Computer stores are between 10:00 – 22:00.
What about online shopping of Vatan Computer? You can find all products sold at Vatan Computer stores at Vatan Computer Online Store.
You can find Mediamarkt stores on many big cities of Turkey. You can find a complete list of Mediamarkt stores in Turkey below.
Vatan Computer Stores In Turkey
Adana(Bulvar)İstanbul(Forum İstanbul)
Adana (Çukurova)İstanbul (Gaziosmanpaşa)
Adana (NB Seyhan)İstanbul (Haramidere)
Adana (Park AVM)İstanbul (İsfanbul)
Adana (Şehiriçi)İstanbul (İstwest)
Afyonkarahisarİstanbul (Kale Center)
Aksarayİstanbul (Mall Of İstanbul AVM)
Amasyaİstanbul (Maltepe E5)
Ankara (Ankamall)İstanbul (Maltepe)
Ankara (Batıkent)İstanbul (NB Kadıköy)
Ankara (Eryaman)İstanbul (Neomarin)
Ankara (Forum Ankara)İstanbul (Palladium AVM)
Ankara (Keçiören)İstanbul (Pendik)
Ankara (Nata Vega)İstanbul (Rings AVM)
Ankara (Podium AVM)İstanbul (Sancaktepe)
Ankara (Sincan)İstanbul (Silivri Kipa)
Ankara (Söğütözü)İstanbul (Sultanbeyli)
Ankara (Ümitköy)İstanbul (Topkapı)
Antalya (Alanya)İstanbul (Ümraniye)
Antalya (Kepez)İstanbul (Üsküdar)
Antalya (Konyaaltı)İzmir (Balçova)
Antalya (Lara)İzmir (Bornova)
Antalya (Mall Of)İzmir (Buca)
Antalya (Manavgat)İzmir (Çankaya)
Aydınİzmir (Gaziemir)
Aydın (Kuşadası)İzmir (Karşıyaka)
Aydın (Nazilli)İzmir (Mavişehir)
Balıkesirİzmir (Optimum AVM)
Balıkesir (Ayvalık)Kahramanmaraş
Balıkesir (Bandırma)Karabük
Balıkesir (Edremit)Kastamonu
Bursa (AS Merkez)Kayseri (Belsin)
Bursa (Korupark AVM)Kırıkkale
Bursa (Nilüfer)Kırklareli (Lüleburgaz)
ÇanakkaleKocaeli (Gebze)
ÇorumKocaeli (İzmit)
DenizliKocaeli (Özüer AVM)
Denizli (Yenişehir)Konya
DiyarbakırKonya (Selçuker AVM)
Gaziantep (Gazimuhtar)Mersin (Tarsus)
Gaziantep (Prime Mall)Muğla (Bodrum)
Gaziantep (Sanko Park)Muğla (Fethiye)
GiresunMuğla (Marmaris)
HatayMuğla (Merkez)
Hatay (İskenderun)Niğde
İstanbul (212 Outlet AVM)Osmaniye
İstanbul (Acıbadem)Rize
İstanbul (Alibeyköy)Sakarya (Adapazarı)
İstanbul (Altunizade)Sakarya (Serdivan)
İstanbul (Astoria)Samsun (Merkez)
İstanbul (Ataşehir)Sivas
İstanbul (Avcılar)Şanlıurfa
İstanbul (Bahçelievler)Tekirdağ
İstanbul (Bahçeşehir)Tekirdağ (Çerkezköy)
İstanbul (Başakşehir Arterium)Tekirdağ (Çorlu)
İstanbul (Beylikdüzü)Tokat
İstanbul (Bostancı)Trabzon
İstanbul (Buyaka AVM)Uşak
İstanbul (Canpark)Van
İstanbul (Dudullu)Yalova
İstanbul (Elmadağ)Zonguldak (Ereğli)
İstanbul (Esenyurt)Zonguldak (Merkez)


The owner of the Teknosa in Turkey is Sabanci, which is one of Turkey's largest compaines You can see that the brand is used as TeknoSA, where 'SA' stands for Sabanci Family. How many stores does Teknosa have? Teknosa has 202 stores in 68 provinces of Turkey with over two thousand employees. Unlike its competitors, Teknosa is open to Turkish Stock Market(BIST) since 2012.
What does Teknosa Turkey sell? As the same with its competitors, they sell everything when it comes to technology.
Between which hours are Teknosa stores open? Generally opening hours of Teknosa stores are between 10:00 – 22:00.
Teknosa Stores In Turkey

In many shopping centers in Turkey you will find one of the three technology markets mentioned above. They all follow similar price strategies. You can always choose one of these three if you consider buying a product from the store. If you have time, always follow their websites for discounts. Apart from these, you can find the stores that sell their products only in the shopping centers such as Samsung, LG, Bosch, Arcelik, Beko, Fakir, Tefal etc.
What about buying Apple products in Turkey, what about Apple Store in Turkey? In Turkey, there are only a few Apple Stores in Istanbul. If you want to buy apple products outside of Istanbul, you can choose one of the above mentioned technology markets.
Turkey has also progressed in internet shopping. Amazon, in 2018 opened its Amazon Turkey Web Site, but is not yet working with global Amazon way. There is no Amazon Prime service. However, still it can be preferred in terms of reliability. Apart from this, you can shop with confidence from the following websites. is Turkey’s #1 e-commerce platform. It works in similar way with Amazon. It sells millions of products, also gives sales environment to many sellers to sell their own products. It is owned by one of the biggest companies of Turkey, Dogan Holding.

It works in similar way with It does not sell anything, instead gives web sales environment to sellers. You should be careful about the sellers; the rating system gives a lot info about the sellers. Also, they have many coupon campaigns; you should try to catch coupons to buy things cheaper.

It works in similar way with Actually, it owned by, so many things are the same. You can safely buy things from here if the seller rating is good.

Trendyol is Turkey’s #1 online fashion store. You can find discounts on many known brands and designers.
We gave some of the e-commerce sites in Turkey. Actually there are hundreds of web-sites that are selling online goods. If you want to compare prices, you can use the biggest price comparison sites of Turkey; and

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