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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Last Update : Thursday, November 22, 2018


Drugs are taken only from pharmacies in Turkey. Simple medicines that do not require a special prescription can be purchased directly from there. However, many drugs are sold only by prescription. Especially, since incorrect use of antibiotics in Turkey has risen antibiotic resistance of bacteria in the past, antibiotics are not sold without a prescription.
What if you need drugs at night?

In every district of Turkey, at least one pharmacy is held open for 24 hours in coordination with the local authorities ('Nobetci Eczane' in Turkish). This number can be increased according to the size of the city you are staying in (For example, more than 100 pharmacies are open every night in Istanbul). Every night, a different pharmacy in the region serves during the night. So how can you know which pharmacy is open in the night in Turkey? Below you can find lists of pharmacies that work 24 hours for some major cities and touristic places (All links below are web addresses of local pharmaceutical authorities, which are in Turkish. You can use these web sites by translating with Google translate if needed; click here for Google Translate web site )

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