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Last Update : 11/24/2020

2020 has been a historic year in all respects. Exactly a year ago, the subject which we once called the , was only a problem of China and a news issue for the rest of the world. Now, it has become the most important problem of the world. Millions of people have lost their lives, and unfortunately, covid-19, with its current name, is progressing uncontrollably. As in every crisis, this crisis undoubtedly had winners as well as losers. The most important of these are retail companies, especially supermarkets. With the effect of the pandemic, people who physically do not want to go to the market have shifted to online service, and the sales of supermarkets that provide decent online services has increased incredibly. We wrote an article about Migros in 2019, but at this point, there have been developments that deserve a new article. In this article, we will mention about Migros again with a new perspective. Let's start with the brand, Migros.

Migros: Market of the Middle and Upper Classes

Migros customer portfolio consists of usually middle and upper income level of the people of Turkey. Although Migros works to serve the lower income group, in the eyes of the public, Migros serves in a more "luxury" segment compared to other large chain markets. You can understand this from the correlation between the income level of the district and the number of Migros in the district. While there is almost one Migros per 500 meters in coastal cities with higher income levels due to tourism, there are far fewer Migros even in big cities in Anatolia. Its position in the industry causes Migros to be a bit more expensive than other competitors. On the other hand, thanks to this position, it is possible to find better quality products at Migros compared to its competitors in the sector. Many high-quality brands that you cannot find in BİM and ŞOK, the biggest competitors, can only be found in Migros.

Financial Status of Migros

Migros is one of Turkey's largest supermarket chains. Migros has a market value of over $ 1 billion according to current data. Migros stock, sold in Turkish Stock Market (BIST, Istanbul Stock Exchange) is one of the most traded shares. Migros is traded on BIST with the code MGROS. The value of Migros shares, which was around 25 TL in this period last year, has exceeded 40 TL at the time of writing this article( Click for Migros Share Price Graph). Although Migros has made a loss in the last quarter, it is possible that it has incurred losses due to new investments. It is no coincidence that it reached 44TL, its highest value in history, during the pandemic period. So what makes Migros different from others?

Migros: Turkey's First Online Supermarket

Migros brand is the first brand that comes to mind when you think about supermarkets in Turkey. The brand, which has been serving for many years, has revealed many firsts in the sector. In 1997, there were 30 thousand Internet-connected computers in Turkey (Turkey's population in that year was around 70 million people). Despite this limited customer base, Migros started its online supermarket service that year ( Turkey internet users in 1997). In 1997, it was a visionary technology to be able to order online from the supermarket. In that year,1997, Google wasn't even founded yet. Although dozens of different online supermarket services started in 2020, the first and most comprehensive application, "Migros Sanal(Virtual in Turkish) Market", is Turkey's most widely known and used online süpermarket applications.

Jetkasa: Self-service Shopping

The technological leadership of Migros is not limited to the online shopping. With Jetkasa, cashier-less (self-service) shopping is being applied for the first time by Migros in Turkey. In all Migroses over a certain size, there are 'Jetkasas' that do not have a cashier, but you can shop by making the machine read the barcodes of the products by yourself with the guidance of the computer(AI).

Gönderal: Migros Way of Sending Money

Migros aims to stand out from its competitors with the investments it has made in technology in recent years. In this context, they also recently started their money sending service . Gönderal allows money transfers using only by identification numbers of the Republic of Turkey citizens. Turkey citizens can send and receive money using only identification number without needing a bank account with Migros' recent Gönderal service.

Is there any alcoholic beverage sales in Migros?

The vast majority of the population in Turkey is Muslim, so many supermarkets do not prefer to sell alcoholic beverages. Migros is one of the markets that sell alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages are sold in all Migroses larger than a certain size. It is possible to find dozens of local and foreign brands of alcoholic beverages in a large Migros market (5M). For detailed information, click our article 'Is it safe to drink alcoholic beverages in Turkey'

Migros 3M or 5M: What is the difference?

Migros markets can have different names depending on their size (2M Migros, 3M Migros, 5M Migros etc). So what do these letters mean? These numbers before Ms show the size of the market and the variety of products it sells, with the largest Migros being 5M. In addition to these, it is possible to see Migrosjet markets in the form of a mini market at many points.

Migros Working Hours

Different working hours may apply depending on the region, season and concept in Migros. Migros offers service between 10:00 and 22:00. If you are curious about the working hours of a private store, you can check the working hours on the Migros website.

Is There a Migros Supermarket Near You?

If you are wondering whether there is a Migros supermarket around you, the easiest way to find out is to check it on the Migros website. By clicking this link ( Nearest Migros) you can check whether there is a Migros supermarket around you. In this article, we tried to talk about Migros briefly. For more information, you can click on the link to access Migros website.Migros Website

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