Live Dollar and Euro to Turkish Lira Conversion Rates and Tips About Turkish Lira

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Last Update : 10/16/2019

If you are considering a trip to Turkey, the first thing comes to mind is currency used in Turkey. So which currency is used in Turkey? Currency used in Turkey is the Turkish Lira. What is the official sign of the Turkish Lira? Although the official sign of the Turkish lira is ₺, the abbreviation TL is generally used; you will usually encounter TL during shopping. So how many Turkish lira is a dollar? Or how many TL is equivalent to 1 Euro? In the table below, you can find current TL exchange rates for many currencies in the world. The following data is provided from the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, and updated on each time you refresh the page.

Current TL Exchange Rates

1 TL to Euro Exchange Rate0.028 € / 0.030 $ / 1 TL
1 TL to Dollar Exchange Rate0.028 € / 0.030 $ / 1 TL
The central Bank of the Republic of Turkey is the only authority to print money in Turkey. For all paper money in circulation in Turkey, printing, distribution, disposal, etc. works are carried out by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. So which banknotes are used in Turkey? In Turkey, the banknotes listed below are in circulation. The following table also shows the exchange rates of these banknotes in the world currencies:
5TL0.142 € / 0.152 $ / 5 TL
10TL0.285 € / 0.305 $ / 10 TL
20TL0.570 € / 0.610 $ / 20 TL
50TL1.426 € / 1.525 $ / 50 TL
100TL2.853 € / 3.050 $ / 100 TL
200TL5.707 € / 6.101 $ / 200 TL

Tips To Avoid Counterfeit Money

Fraud can be made over paper money anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, counterfeit money situations are being faced from time to time in Turkey. Taxis in Turkey have the highest risk of facing with counterfeit money. In recent years, although the audits have been tightened in this direction, money scams can be performed in taxis. So what kind of money scams are being made in taxis? Most often, the money is given as change is given with counterfeit money. Let's say you went somewhere by taxi, the total amount was 20 TL and you gave 100 TL. The taxi driver will give you 50,20 and 10 Turkish Lira banknotes as change. However, the 50 TL banknote you get , may be fake. So why is this situation lived more often in taxis in Turkey? Because it is not possible to follow which taxi you take. In Turkey, they will not give you a receipt unless you ask; therefore, once you get out of the taxi, it is impossible to find out which taxi you have taken. What can you do to prevent this? The safest way would be to not give money more than the bill amount to the taxi, or to use a credit card.
In Turkey, as in all the world, the best precaution against counterfeit money is to use a credit card.If you are someone who likes to use credit card, Turkey is a paradise for you. Turkey to become the country with Europe's most credit cards are being used, about 200 million credit cards are being used in Turkey by 80 million citizens. So you can pay almost anywhere with your credit card. Now, even in buses in many cities, it is possible to pay directly with a contactless credit card without buying any tickets. According to 2018 data, 4 percent of all expenditures in the country were made with foreign credit cards. So we can say that foreigners paying much in Turkey with the credit card. VISA and MasterCard credit cards are more common, but American Express Credit Cards can also be used most of the places without any problems.

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