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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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Dalaman Airport, which is located within the borders of Mugla province, was opened in 1981. It is named by nearest district to it; Dalaman. This airport is one of the two international airports in the province of Mugla. Milas-Bodrum Airport is the other international airport in the province of Mugla. Dalaman airport is located in the middle of the most touristic centers of Mugla and serves millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year. In 2018, Dalaman Airport served 4.5 million domestic and foreign visitors and managed to become one of the busiest airports of Turkey. Although it is so close to tourism centers, Dalaman Airport requires transportation planning before arriving at the airport. You can use the buses belonging to various companies to reach the Dalaman Airport. In addition, you can get services from various airport transfer companies. Or you can safely get to your destination by taxi. This article gives information about how to get to Dalaman Airport by taxi from famous holiday destinations like Marmaris, Fethiye, Oludeniz and so.

So why should you choose a taxi from Dalaman Airport to reach Marmaris, Fethiye or Oludeniz? The most important reason for using a taxi at Dalaman Airport is its ease. For taxis in Turkey, you do not have to make any pre-book in advance. After your flight landes at Dalaman Airport, you can take your luggage and head to the exit to take a taxi directly in front of the main door of the Dalaman Airport. You can find taxis that you can use to travel to the districts in front of the airport for 7 days / 24 hours.
Using taxis in Turkey is not, unfortunately, always so safe. When you take a taxi at Dalaman Airport, you will probably not have any problems; but you can still avoid a possible taxi fraud with some simple precautions. In general, such taxi fraud occurs in big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara. However, it is useful to take precautions. Our article about the safety of using taxis in Turkey can be found at the link below. You should read our article before you leave airport by taxi. Safety of Taxis in Turkey
Well, you can take a taxi from Dalaman Airport; but how much should you pay to go to the touristic destinations? According to the current taxi fares, the amounts you need to pay to get to / from Dalaman Airport to / from the touristic districts are listed below.

Taxi Fares to / from Dalaman Airport

Dalaman Airport to Dalaman City Center taxi price2.30 € / 2.56 $ / 15 TL
Dalaman Airport to Gocek taxi price10.7 € / 11.9 $ / 70 TL
Dalaman Airport to Calis Beach taxi price18.4 € / 20.4 $ / 120 TL
Dalaman Airport to Fethiye City Center taxi price19.9 € / 22.1 $ / 130 TL
Dalaman Airport to Oludeniz taxi price19.9 € / 22.1 $ / 130 TL
Dalaman Airport to Babadag taxi price19.9 € / 22.1 $ / 130 TL
Dalaman Airport to Dalyan taxi price12.2 € / 13.6 $ / 80 TL
Dalaman Airport to Iztuzu Beach taxi price12.2 € / 13.6 $ / 80 TL
Dalaman Airport to Marmaris City Center taxi price27.6 € / 30.7 $ / 180 TL
Dalaman Airport to Icmeler taxi price29.1 € / 32.4 $ / 190 TL
Dalaman Airport to Selimiye taxi price36.8 € / 40.9 $ / 240 TL
Dalaman Airport to Datca taxi price46.0 € / 51.2 $ / 300 TL
Dalaman Airport to Mugla City Center taxi price30.6 € / 34.1 $ / 200 TL
Dalaman Airport to Bodrum taxi price61.3 € / 68.3 $ / 400 TL
Dalaman Airport to Sarigerme taxi price11.5 € / 12.8 $ / 75 TL
Dalaman Airport to Akyaka taxi price21.4 € / 23.9 $ / 140 TL
Dalaman Airport to Milas Bodrum Airport taxi price46.0 € / 51.2 $ / 300 TL
Dalaman Airport to Mugla taxi price21.4 € / 23.9 $ / 140 TL
Dalaman Airport to Marmaris taxi price38.3 € / 42.6 $ / 250 TL

*Note that depending on the duration of heavy traffic and the route to be used, these prices may increase.
For the calculation of the above approximate taxi fares, Mugla Municipality's tariff dated 12.09.2018 was used.
If you have not chosen between Dalaman Airport and Milas Bodrum Airport yet, you can check our article about Milas Bodrum Airport Taxi fares from the link below. https://isturkeysafe.com/Milas-Bodrum-Airport-by-Taxi-Fares-and-Tips

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