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Last Update : 1/11/2020

Sea, sand and sun; the three musts for a relaxing holiday. Turkey is fortunate to have a gifted geography with magnificent costs and beautiful weather.  Moreover to this geography, in recent years due to the depreciation of the Turkish lira against other currencies, Turkey has become a center of attraction for summer holidays.
You went into the sea, you let yourself into nature, then what? Today, many tourists want more than them. Gambling is one of the biggest expectations of many tourists who come to Istanbul. So what does Istanbul offer you in terms of gambling?  What about casinos in Istanbul?  Which is the best casino in Istanbul? Are there any precautions you should take when going to the casinos in Istanbul?
If you want to gamble in Istanbul, we have a sad news to you. Gambling in Istanbul is forbidden. So there is no -legal- casino in Istanbul. In fact, casino ban is not only specific to Istanbul, all gambling activities are forbidden within the borders of Turkey.  Therefore Turkey is not suitable place where you can gamble. Of course, banning for such widespread activity may not always be as good as expected. Although they are occasionally strict controls of police, illegal casino problems and illegal gambling activities occurs everywhre in Turkey.
Was that always the case? Has gambling been forbidden in Turkey in the past? In fact, in the past, there was a period when gambling was legal in Istanbul where dozens of casinos were operating legally in Turkey.  However, not being kept under the control of state, not being taxed with the correct amount and the mafia seizure of casinos forced the parliment in 1996 to ban all gambling activities in Istanbul. Till that year, all kinds of gambling activities are illegal in Turkey.
But what about Turks, don't they like gambling? Of course, every human has this feeling of gambling. It is not easy to discourage gambling which has been played since the early ages of humanity. Turks go to neighboring countries to meet their gambling needs. Most visited countries for gambling by Turks are Georgia, the northeast neighbour of Turkey and the Northern Cyprus. Of course, this option may not be so easy for a tourist who has come to Turkey for a holiday. However, there is no problem in case the money does not used. Anywhere in Turkey, there are coffeehouses established with the aim of playing games like card games. Although not a substitute for gambling, you can restrain your passion for this kind of games there.

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