Carrefour Supermarkets In Turkey

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Last Update : 3/6/2019

If you plan to stay for a while in Turkey, one of the important issues you need to know about is supermarkets and grocery stores. While walking down the street in Turkey, you will see so many markets and grocery stores on the way. In this article, we will give information about CarrefourSA supermarkets.
Carrefour Supermarkets In Turkey


Web Site of Carrefour Supermarkets
Owner of Carrefour SupermarketsCarrefour is one of the largest market chains in the world. The owner of the Carrefour brand in Turkey is Sabanci, which is one of Turkey's largest compaines. You can see that the brand is used as CarrefourSA, where 'SA' stands for SAbanci.
Working Model of Carrefour SupermarketsAs a result of the changes made in the concept in recent years, Carrefour has been serving different customer groups. Different product groups are on sale on differently cathegorized markets; namely 'Carrefour-Hiper','Carrefour-Super', 'Carrefour-Gurme' and 'Carrefour-Mini'. For example, Carrefour-Gurme makes sales to upper segment (high-end) customers. Products for high-end customers, such as organic products, can be found in Carrefour-Gurme.
History and Today of Carrefour SupermarketsCarrefour began its operations with a supermarket in Adana in 1996 after the agreement made between Carrefour and Sabanci. The company has grown over the years by buying various market chains. At 2018, they reached over 614 supermarkets at 53 provinces in Turkey. Their 2017 total revenue is over 800M$.
Carrefour Online ShoppingCarrefour have a heavily invested online store. Many products sold in Carrefour supermarkets can also be purchased from the internet store. There is a delivery option on online shopping. Prices and all products sold at the address below.
They have also mobile applications for Android and IOS.
Alcoholic Beverages in Carrefour SupermarketsVarious kinds of alcoholic beverages are sold at Carrefour supermarkets.For legal reasons, there is no sale of alcoholic beverages at Carrefour internet store. In general, the sale of alcoholic beverages on internet is prohibited by law in Turkey.
What is sold at Carrefour Supermarkets?Carrefour serves its customers on various categories such as cosmetics, glassware, electronics, books and textiles as well as food and cleaning products.

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