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Last Update : 4/13/2019

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. Over 6 million people live there. The airport that connects this capital to the world is Esenboga Airport. Every year more than 15 million people using the Esenboga Airport to travel within Turkey and to various cities around the world. Although it is not as intense as Istanbul Airport for international flights, Ankara Esenboga Airport offers the opportunity to travel on many routes.
It is more appropriate to consider the location before discussing the hotels. Where is Ankara Esenboga Airport? Ankara Esenboga Airport is located at north of the Ankara, approximately 30km from city centre(See location given below). So is there a hotel in or around the Ankara Esenboga Airport? There is no hotel within Ankara Esenboga Airport. What about hotels near Ankara Esenboga airport?
The nearest hotel to Ankara Esenboga Airport is the Hotel ibis Ankara Airport .This new hotel(opened in 2018) is only 2km away from the airport, so it will be good choice for a stay before a flight; will take at most 10 minutes to Ankara Esenboga Airport by car.The 2nd closest hotel to the airport is Esenboga Airport Hotel. Looking at the name, you might think that it is inside the airport, however you need to get 7 km to reach the hotel from Ankara Esenboga Airport. Compared to IBIS, it is a relatively old hotel. Both hotels are on the way to Ankara city centre. The 3rd closest hotel to the airport is Anadolu Hotels Esenboga Thermal Unlike the hotels listed above, this hotel is not on the road to Ankara. Again unlike the others, you can find thermal services(pool, sauna etc.) in this hotel.
If you do not prefer hotels listed above, you should select one of city centre hotels. Since Ankara is the capital city of Turkey, it welcomes many foreign visitors during the year. Therefore hotel services are very developed. Some major city center hotels are listed below; you can click on the name of the hotel to see reviews on Tripadvisor.
Ankara Hilton Hotel
Grand Ankara Hotel
Shareton Ankara Hotel
Point Hotel Ankara
Wyndham Ankara Hotel
Divan Cukurhan Hotel
Latanya Hotel
JW Mariott Ankara Hotel
The Green Park Hotel
Anadolu Hotels Downtown Ankara
Meyra Palace Hotel
Lugal Luxury Collection Hotel
Radisson Blu Hotel Ankara
Movenpick Hotel Ankara
Holiday Inn Kavaklidere
Holiday Inn Cukurambar
Bilkent Hotel And Conference Center
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Only large hotels and chain hotels are listed above. Apart from these, you can also choose from hundreds of hotels that serve different concepts in the Ankara city center.

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