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How to make your car window replaced?

Did you rent a car and it's window broken in Turkey? Don't worry about it. Turkey, which is one of the cheapest countries for a vacation, is very advantageous when we talk about car repairment. If you do not have full insurance when renting a car, you may need to pay for the whole glass. On the other hand, the money you will give to the car rental company would be reasonably high compared to cost to you when you make it repaired or replaced .
In every town and in every province of Turkey, car repair shops are located at same area. In Turkish, this area is called "oto sanayi" -"auto industry". In this area, you can find dozens of different car repair shops, all of whom are specialized in their own field, and have ability to make your vehicle repaired. Auto repair is much cheaper than in Turkey since labour is very cheap . For example, periodic maintainance of a standard B or C segment vehicle can be performed at a price between 13.95 € / 14.97 $ / 300 TL - 69.79 € / 74.85 $ / 1500 TL, depending on the brand -model. Moreover, these are the prices at authorized services. If you go to a private service, it is possible to have your car repaired even for half the price. So what should you do about it? To change the glass of the car, all you have to do is find an "auto industry" and visit an auto glass shop. Vehicle repair shops are generally open 6 days a week, depending on the location. If your car glass is in stock, you can get rid of this problem within hours. Probably the biggest problem you will experience in an auto industry will be the language problem. You can easily draw this with an application such as Google translate.