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I have a plan to come to Izmir for a 3-day job. I will have a 1 day gap. Is it worth going to ephesus that day?

Ephesus, which has been used as a settlement by the Romans, Greeks and Turks since the ancient times since the Ephesus city was established, has elements from each culture. Each civilization has left traces of itself, and newcomers have spread a new culture without wiping the old too much. When you go to Ephesus Ancient City today, you can still see Roman, Greek and Turkish breezes.
Thousands of years ago, Ephesus Ancient City, which was the coast of the Aegean Sea, was the Port and Trade Center. The fact that it was a port city in time allowed them to progress rapidly in trade, culture and art.
But when this port started to fill up, trade, which was the main element, also slowed down and began to lose its effect. Even Hadrian, who was the emperor of Ephesus at that time, emptied the harbor that was filled several times, but could not say stop this bad trend. In this way, Ephesus, which has gradually lost its port city character, has become a rare and far-off city. After that, in 1330 BC, this unique city was conquered by the Turks, but never regained its former glory. Now, it sheds light on history as one of the most important touristic places in the Aegean Region.
Eventually, one of the best surviving Roman cities, especially the library, theater, city streets, houses should definitely be seen. When you see Ephesus, you will be sure it's definitely worth it.
Wondering what the ancient city of Ephesus was like when it was in people 2000 years ago? Ephesus was virtually recreated by artist Adam Nemeth. If you are wondering how Ephesus looked like 2000 years ago, you can visit the web page of Adam Nemeth about Ephesus, which contains many studies about Ephesus Ádám Németh's Virtual reconstructions.