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I want to learn if there is any coronavirus cases diagnosed in Turkey?

One of the questions most frequently asked nowadays in Turkey is; 'Is there coronavirus in Turkey?' This dangerous virus, which appeared in China in the last months of 2019, quickly spreaded to the world. On 28 February, when this article was first written, many countries of the world are under the influence of coronavirus. Coronavirus, which led to fatal consequences, especially in the elderly, caused the death of approximately 3000 people worldwide by the end of February. In short, if you are planning a trip to Turkey, asking "Is there coronavirus in Turkey" question would be to your advantage. So is there Coronavirus in Turkey? There is no coronavirus cases currently in Turkey. So you can be calm about Coronavirus (alternative names Wuhan virus or Covid-19) if you have a trip planned to Turkey. However on the other hand, Turkey is under risk of coronavirus. In the last 1 month, numerous coronavirus cases were diagnosed in Turkey's border neighbor, Iran. About 50 people died in Iran due to coronavirus till today. Turkey has closed its Iranian border to passage of vehicles but pedestrians crossing into Turkey from Iran is still free. The only risk in Turkey about the coronavirus is not in Iran. The first cases were diagnosed very recently in Azerbaijan and Georgia. There are also many flights from Italy, where the most coronavirus cases are observed in Europe, to Istanbul. Despite all these risks, Turkey does not currently have any coronavirus cases diagnosed. We will continue to keep this question up to date with developments in the coming days. For updated information on the presence of Coronavirus in Turkey, continue to follow this page.