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  • How to buy HavaIST Bus Tickets in Sultanahmet


Hello! Where can I buy the bus tickets for at Sultanahmet to go to the airport? Is it possible to get them in the bus? Or is there a ticket machine nearby the bus stop?

In order to buy tickets to reach Istanbul Airport from Sultanahmet by bus, you have two ways. You should either buy IstanbulKart or use HavaIST mobil app.

Lets start with HavaIST mobile application for Istanbul Airport. By the link below or by apps found in AppStore and Android, you can buy one way ticket for Havaist to/from Istanbul Airport by paying with credit card. The system will give you a QR code, when you make the machine in the bus read this code, you can take Havaist bus to Istanbul Airport. The most important thing is; people are complaining about the app which needs to be online in the bus. So if you will not use a data package in Turkey, this may be a problem. Check the link for more info.

Or you will buy IstanbulKart. You can buy it from kiosks at every metro/tram station in Istanbul. Also there are some shops which are allowed to sell tickets for IstanbulKart. You can find the whole list below. When you seach for Sultanahmet, there is a Turkcell Shop which sells tickets near Sultanahmet.