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  • Is it Safe to Visit Turkey While Syria Operations of Turkey Continue


Is visiting Turkey nowadays safe due to Syria situation?

Turkey's general security issues for 2019 were given in our previous article(Click here to reach our article 'Is Turkey safe to visit in 2019'). But in recent days the Turkish army started operations in Syrian against the terrorist PKK / PYD forces; as a result of these operations there had been many questions coming from our visitors whether it is safe to visit Turkey during Syrian operations or not. We have created this article to provide information about whether it is safe to visit Turkey in these days operations against terrorist forces in Syria.
If you are planning to visit Turkey as a tourist, the ongoing operations against PYD / PKK terrorist forces in Syria has almost no effect to you. The entry of Turkish troops into Syria is a new situation, but in fact, there has been a state of war in Syria for many years and this has almost no effect to tourism in Turkey. The military operations of many countries, especially the USA and Russia, have been going on for years. But nothing to do as a tourist since touristic places are very far from the center of the operation field. Antalya, which can be considered the closest touristic city to operation field in Syria, is at least 700-800 km away from there. So if you come on holiday, you won't even hear about the ongoing operation.
What about other cities? For example, does Istanbul affected by operations organized in Syria by Turkish Army? The answer is no. There are operations at southeast border of Turkey, but normal life continues in the rest of the country. Istanbul is 1500km away from the operation area, so the operation has no direct or indirect impact on Istanbul. What about Ankara; is there any risk for the capital city of Turkey due to operations held on Syria? Likewise, there is no risk for Ankara. The distance of Ankara to the operation field is around 1200km. So where are dangerous places; Turkey's Syria operations risk anywhere in Turkey? Turkey's border with Syria, a limited area is in danger due to operations. Today as a result of a mortar falling to Nusaybin district of the province of Mardin, 3 person(2 are children) are unfortunately lost their lives. However, no risk is foreseen in all provincial centers, including Mardin.
Besides of danger, the only affect of Turkey's operations to Syria would be the currency changes. There had been a jump in $/TL rate nowadays, so it would be better for you to check current rate every time when you exchange money in Turkey.