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  • Does Havaist Ticket Machines Accept Credit Card?


Flying in from Rome and arriving at 11:30pm in Istanbul. 1. Havaist shuttlebus still operating at this time? 2. Buying Istanbul kart and loading, does the machine accept credit card?

Generally, Havaist shuttlebus operates overnight. Most of the Havaist Buses work overnight, on the other hand, some lines work only till midnight. You can find current timetables at link below:

Does the Istanbul Airport Havaist Ticket Machine accept credit card?

Some Istanbul Airport Havaist Ticket Machines accept credit card. Located in 4 different areas, which can be easily accessed via routing boards at Istanbul Airport, 24 Havaist Biletmatik services were offered to passengers with 18 cash payments and 8 debit / credit card payments .