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Is there any food service on Turkish Airlines flights? How are Turkish Airlines food service prices?

Food service is available on all Turkish Airlines flights. All food and beverages served on Turkish Airlines are generally free of charge. You don't need to do any pre-booking for standart food and drinks given on board; after the departure of the aircraft, the cabin is serviced by the crew. Turkish Airlines does not usually serve alcohol on domestic flights (except business class). Turkish Airlines usually serves snack-style food free of charge on domestic flights. In addition to food; water, tea, coffee, juice, coke and ayran can also be served free of charge. For international flights, breakfast or dinner may be served depending on the time and duration of the flight. During long flights (like America and far east flights), both breakfast and dinner are served. There is also a free unlimited alcohol service on Turkish Airlines international flights. In addition, special cooked meals(health, religious, nutrition reasons, and for infants and children) are served if requested a while before the flight. You can find more information about special dishes from the link below.
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