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How can I buy optical glasses in Turkey? How are the prices?

Do not worry if you've spectacles problem in Turkey, there are dozens of opticians in Turkey to serve you. If you have your prescription(even a photo would be enough) of broken glasses, you can go directly to the optician. If the optician can find a template suitable for your frame, only the glass is replaced. If the template cannot be found, you may also need to buy a new frame. You usually have to wait 1 day for glasses, but they will help if you tell them about the urgency. If you do not have your eyeglass prescription, you should visit an ophthalmologist at a nearby private hospital. As long as you did not go to a fancy hospital, being examined by an eye doctor at a private hospital in Turkey it will cost a fee of between € 40-100. How are the optical glasses prices in Turkey? When we compare with the prices in Europe, glasses prices in Turkey are similar, sometimes even cheaper. Optical glass prices are starting from 20-30€ going up to 1000€ depending on the glass and frame you choose.