• Is transportation safe in Turkey?

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Last Update : Saturday, June 30, 2018


From the road accidents point of view, although road improvements made during last decade, the traffic accidents are still a significant problem in Turkey. Per OECD 2016 ratings, the average death rate on road accidents per 1M inhabitants is 91.8 for Turkey(the OECD average is 66.2)(click for the source).

The railway statistics are not promising either; the rail accidents rate in Turkey is again slightly above the Europe average (click for the source) You can find all the details about safety of trains in Turkey at our article, 'Trains safety in Turkey'.
On the other hand, air transportation is extremely safe. The last recorded deadly flight accident of Turkish airline carriers was at 2009 (click for the source).

Over 100M passengers travel with planes yearly in Turkey. So the main transport method would better be air while traveling to and in Turkey. Inside Turkey, train transportation can also be choosen. If road transport is chosen, seat belt should be kept fastened at all times. Check the link for driving safety in Turkey (Is it safe to drive in Turkey?)

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