Is Turkey Safe?

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Last Update : 10/9/2018

Nearly 5 million foreigners visit Turkey annually. Especially after the collapse on Turkish Lira in 2018, it has been much more attractive to visit there. Before visit, many people have questions about the safety issues in Turkey. Is it safe to visit Turkey in 2018? Is Turkey safe?
What makes a country safe? Safety has many aspects to think about. We are here for you to have basic knowledge on safety issues related to Turkey. You can find brief information in this text, click the related link to find all in detail.
  • Terrorism : Terrorism is the first thing that comes to mind in terms of safety. In the past, there were a few terrorist attacks in Turkey; but the last terror attack to civilians were in late 2016. After the failed coup attempt in 2016, a state of emergency was declared. As a result of increased safety after this incident, there has not been any attack targeting the civilians in the last 2 years; so there is no terrorist activity/risk in popular regions. Click here for details of 'Terrorism threat in Turkey'
  • Crime : When we look at general crimes, according to the World Bank rankings, the crime and theft rates in Turkey is far more below than these of USA and UK(click for the World Bank source). So you do not have to worry about it much.
  • Transportation : Transportation can also create a question mark for Turkey's security. Is it safe to travel to and within Turkey? You should check our articles for Transporation Safety in Turkey, Driving Safety in Turkey, Safety of Taxis in Turkey, Uber in Turkey, Safety of Turkish Trains, Safety of Turkish Airlines. In short, there are points to pay attention to, but in general, transportation is safe enough for a foreigner.
  • Health : In health safety, there are issues that need special attention to pay per location; click here for ’Health Risks In Turkey’. Many people travels Turkey for health tourism, so we will try to address this issue. Click here for ‘Hair transplant In Istanbul’
  • Food and Drink : The Turkish cuisine is considered paradise for foreigners in terms of variety and quality. Although Turkish food is generally safe, there are points to be considered. Click here for ’Food Safety In Turkey’. Besides of food, tap water in Turkey should be questioned, it is not good enough to drink for majority of the country. For details, click here for ’Tap Water Safety in Turkey’
  • Work : A paradise for vacation, what about working? It's hard to say the same for working life. Safety terms and conditions can be challenging to work in Turkey than in Europe. For details, click here for ’Working Life in Turkey’
  • Turkey with Kids : OK, it is safe when you are alone, what about kids? Being one of Europe's top countries in terms of children population, Turkey is generally safe for children, as long as you keep an eye on your child all the times. Especially traffic can be very dangerous for children in Turkey. For details, click here for ‘Turkey with Kids’ article.

    Safety has many aspects to be mentioned, a few given in this article. You can start to check for all the remaining safety issues from links below.

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